Convert Website Visitors into Customers

The candy box for websites. A quicker, more emotional way to encourage visitor interaction.

  1. Choose the compliments & style that suit your website or blog. Add Compliment Candy with just one line of code.
  2. Site visitors can instantly show their appreciation for your page, products or content.
  3. Convert visitors into customers with our automated newsletter signup or pre-populated email replies.

Plans and Pricing

Plans and Pricing

Why Compliment Candy?

In most cases prospective customers need to be engaged with your brand before taking a major step to action, be it buying a product, signing up for a service, etc.

Comments, email newsletters and polls are fairly standard ways of engaging website visitors - with a rather high barrier-to-entry.

Compliment Candy is a more emotional and natural way of engaging your visitors. The positive user experience of "complimenting", mixed with Compliment Candy's customizable Calls-to-Action, keeps the barrier as low as possible and provides an easier way of visitor interaction.

Simply convert more visitors into customers.

Plans and Pricing

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